Is it time to consider legal staffing?


A company where we placed an Assistant General Counsel last year recently asked if we could find a seasoned real estate lawyer to work on a temporary basis through year-end.  Of course! You probably know Pye Legal Group for our legal recruiting expertise:  recruiting lawyers and legal/compliance professionals for positions within in-house legal departments. You may not realize that Pye also routinely staffs temporary or “contract” legal positions.

Why use contract attorneys and paralegals?

Contract staffing makes particularly good sense in Q4 of the year when year-end projects, financial tasks, budget preparations, and strategic planning for next year strain existing staff.  Year-end is often a difficult time to obtain approval for additional headcount as budget constraints can be heightened.

Temporary staffing offers the opportunity for companies and contract professionals to evaluate each other before making a longer term commitment.  We have many success stories of contract lawyers and paralegals who proved themselves invaluable and received a job offer at the end of the project period.

Pye Legal Group has been helping our clients find the right fit for their contract staffing needs since 2006. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current needs and the way we may be of assistance.

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