Address the Gap


Gaps in a resume are more common than ever given the pandemic. One thing I encourage candidates to do is share what you did to keep yourself busy. Do not minimize non-traditional work activities!

Were you on the PTO Board or involved in another charitable organization? Managing large budgets, organizing huge events, and recruiting other volunteers are all skills that are highly transferable to the workplace. Don’t be shy about including your involvement.

Did you spend some downtime taking classes? Even if you took pottery lessons, furthering your education shows that you are driven, open-minded, and committed to learning and growing. Was it related to your field? Even better!

Was it health or medical issues of you or someone you care for that prompted your stepping away? Life (and death) happens. Assure employers that the situation is currently manageable and you are eager to return to the workplace. But if someone cannot understand your need or desire to take some time for these issues, do you really want to work there?

These things may or may not belong on a resume, depending on your personal situation. But address the gap! Recruiters and managers are wondering why it’s there, so fill them in and don’t be bashful.


Danielle Kruger joined Pye Legal Group in 2022. Before transitioning to legal recruiting, Danielle practiced law for nine years in a big law firm, an in-house legal department, and in a small firm. 

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