Are we there yet?


Hiring (like a good old fashioned summer road trip with the family) is full of twists and turns. And, when you least expect it, one last twist in the road can sneak up on you even when the finish line is in sight.

You invested so much time in the hiring process:
📍 navigated your company’s hiring process
📍 crafted an attractive job description
📍 sourced and screened a slate of candidates
📍 arranged multiple rounds of interviews with your team
📍 put together a competitive offer
📍 received the candidate’s acceptance & set a start date

Are we there yet? NO!

The hiring journey does not end here. You must continue to recruit your new hire until (and even after) he/she joins your team.

You probably know that many companies are making counter-offers to try to retain talent. But did you know that some counter-offers come as late as the person’s last day of employment, or in some wild cases as much as 6 months after they have moved on to their new company?

So, after the offer, acceptance, and start date, you must continue to woo!
📍 touch base with your new hire by phone (or at least email)
📍 arrange a lunch for them with the team
📍 send them some company swag
📍 talk with them about some of the projects you’re excited to get them involved in during the first month
📍 make it clear that you’re so excited for them to come on board

Because, let’s face it, no one on the family round trip wants you to turn that car around!!

Stacy Humphries is President of Pye Legal Group, an executive search firm that specializes in recruiting and placing legal and compliance professionals with corporations and law firms. Before her recruiting career, she was a lawyer with Vinson & Elkins and the Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Houston Rockets and Toyota Center.

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