Considering a move in-house?


Despite the recent meteoric rise in BigLaw salaries, many top-tier associates are still choosing to make the move to an in-house law job.

Some commonly cited reasons include:

While looking at in-house opportunities, candidates should educate themselves on the business they want to enter. This includes learning the competitive landscape, the drivers of cash flow, and largest areas of financial risk.

They also will need to learn the importance of communication and collaboration with non-lawyers. Interpersonal skills matter tremendously in an in-house setting.

In-house lawyers are viewed as problem solvers by their commercial colleagues, and must be willing to step, occasionally, outside of their comfort zones. Successful internal lawyers are not quick to say, “No, we can’t do that.”, but rather frequently say, “Let me help you find a way to do that.”

The law firm attorneys we have placed in-house report high job satisfaction, routine feelings of accomplishment, and a true sense of teamwork with their internal clients.

Pye Legal Group can help you determine whether a career as an in-house lawyer is the right move for you. Our expertise is recruiting lawyers and legal professionals for in-house legal departments.

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