How do you measure success?


Wisdom on a Wednesday, courtesy of my son’s baseball instructor!  He shared this image on Instagram, and it instantly reminded me of some disappointing conversations I’ve had.

When you hear about a potential career opportunity, do you listen only for the job title and salary? Or are you considering all of the tangibles and intangibles?

Open the door to a job opportunity that offers a more interesting job scope, a healthier company culture, more opportunity for long-term growth, or more work/life balance.  What are those worth to you? Maybe a step back in salary or title is a success if you gain more joy, more autonomy, more free time, more balance.

And for companies and law firms looking to hire, be ready to convey to potential candidates why they should consider your job or your company. What else are you offering besides a title and a salary?

How do you measure success?


Stacy Humphries is President of Pye Legal Group, an executive search firm that specializes in recruiting and placing legal and compliance professionals with corporations and law firms. Before her recruiting career, she was a lawyer with Vinson & Elkins and the Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Houston Rockets and Toyota Center.

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