Is hybrid more than just a trend?


“Is it hybrid?”

This is the most common question we hear from candidates these days. Spoiler alert: Pye Legal Group is not a car dealership.

With candidates in high demand and short supply, talent can be picky. Many potential candidates will consider leaving their current position only if a company allows remote work. For some, nothing less than 100% remote will do. But for most, a hybrid work option that allows for one, two, or three days per week from home would be ideal.

What’s the least popular option? Five days per week in the office.

Yet, I don’t think 100% remote will become the predominant model. We’ve actually talked recently to several candidates who are interested in moving away from their current 100% remote positions because they feel isolated or disconnected from their colleagues and the business.

From our 10,000 foot vantage point of the job market, hybrid seems to be the winning formula. Offering flexibility for employees with plenty of opportunities for collaboration with colleagues. A hybrid work option requires a relatively small sacrifice for companies, and is becoming essential to attracting and retaining talent. Even allowing just one day per week working from home can make a big difference.

Hybrid is more than a trend. Hybrid seems to me to be the present and the future — at least in the workforce. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

(Forgive the car references, but I’ve been shopping for a used car for my teenager this week!)


Stacy Humphries is President of Pye Legal Group, an executive search firm that specializes in recruiting and placing legal and compliance professionals with corporations and law firms. Before her recruiting career, she was a lawyer with Vinson & Elkins and the Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Houston Rockets and Toyota Center.

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