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As COVID continues to shape the economy, people are seeking advice about the job market, hiring the ideal candidate, industry trends and simply exploring what the next step in their career should be. Many questions are client or candidate specific but often times we receive inbox inquiries with universal questions like this one. Below is an actual email one of our recruiters, Pye Legal Group President Stacy Humphries, received and her response.

Hi Stacy,

I am currently searching for a job and I would love to connect with you.
I’ve never worked with a recruiter before so maybe you can help me with the process.

Thank you so much,
A Potential Candidate

Dear Potential Candidate:

Thanks for your message. Happy to connect with you and explain how Pye Legal Group works. We are engaged by companies and law firms to identify and recruit candidates for positions. We specifically focus on lawyers, compliance roles, contracts managers, and paralegals. We do not shop resumes around; rather, we focus on finding the best candidates for the specific jobs we have been asked to handle. This is why we are “headhunters” rather than an “employment agency”. We also fill temporary positions, and those can often lead to permanent jobs, especially in an uncertain job market when companies are less certain about whether they are ready to hire someone in a “permanent” role.

To get started, please send your resume to positions@pyelegalgroup.com and I will have one of the recruiters give you a call to talk with you about your experience, career moves, and goals for your next position. Then, you will be top of mind for us when new positions come our way. When we have a role that might be a good fit, a recruiter will call you to tell you about the job, the compensation, etc, and if you approve we will submit your resume and our assessment of your qualifications to the hiring manager in a small group of candidates. I hope this helps explain things, but let me know if you have any other questions.

Warm Regards,

Stacy Humphries

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